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"Elizabeth has the most calming and caring presence I have ever come across. The moment you step into her room you feel relaxed and confident..." (Dylis Guyan - Oxon)

Hello and Welcome to the Website of Honour Being

My name is Elizabeth, and I offer you gifts: the healing of Golden Way Reiki and of time - time to listen to your story, time to understand what you need, time to offer healing for your wounds and hurts, time to discover
and to celebrate your personal gifts and experiences, and time in which to grow and evolve into
the wonderful Being you were always meant to be.

In other words: I offer you time in which to honour yourself, your entire Being and everything you love.

“Life challenges us, and through challenge we grow.
What matters most is having a hand to hold along the way
at the time we need it most, until we are once again able
to walk in our beauty, strength and truth unaided,
ready to offer the same to another…”
(Elizabeth Chanter - 2019)

Do you have questions like these?

Who am I?
What do I long for?
Where do I belong?
How do I truly feel and how can I feel better?
When did matters go wrong?

If so, perhaps it is time for you to make a new beginning on your personal journey of self-discovery, and to find your answers through receiving the healing, revealing, compassionate energy of Golden Way Reiki.

I invite you to explore my Website to discover what is on offer to you, or simply to
give me a call (01480 861812), or email me via the link above.

I will be honoured to help you…

Honour Reiki Healing Room

NB: Please note that Shamanic Golden Way Reiki, Crystal Reiki Healing and Honour New Life Reiki & Reflexology should not be used as alternatives to seeking medical advice and I do not diagnose, treat a specific disease
or illness, or interfere with prescribed medication. When symptoms indicate, I refer patients
to the appropriate medical or alternative practitioner.