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Reiki Training & Attunement, Digital Foundation 1st Degree & Digital Journey 2nd Degree in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire, UK.  About Reiki Attunement.


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The Ceremony of Attunement is a Sacred Act of Honouring, Healing and Celebration…

When an individual becomes actively engaged with their own healing, self-development and spiritual evolution is assisted by the integrated interplay between Treatment Cycles, Attunements, Training, Reiki self-healing and other therapies. Whilst there is a structure contained within The Golden Reiki Way, it is also highly individual and flexible in its application. The more you invest in yourself, the greater the momentum of positive change in your life!

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Attunement brings us back into harmony, not just within ourselves, but with the greater Universe...

Both Honour Foundation First Degree and Honour Sacred Journey Second Degree Attunements and Training are firmly rooted in the Japanese Usui Tradition of Natural Healing. However, in addition, the Teachings of The Shamanic Golden Reiki Way are conducted in Sacred Space, and taught with reference to the ancient earth wisdom.  Golden Reiki attunes all the way down to your feet to ensure proper repair, restoration and reconnection to the roots of this most ancient of Lineages.

Golden Way Reiki grows directly out of the ancient lineage of Dr Usui, and requires the highest possible standards of its Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Practitioners.  Golden Way Reiki Training has a structure of 22 degrees, rather than simply the four degrees which are usually taught. As a consequence, practitioners of this lineage are exceptionally highly attuned and the training is vigorous. The Reiki Healing and Attunement which they are enabled to deliver is thus safe, gentle, and powerful with lasting effect. 


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As part of your deeper healing, for reasons of personal self-development, or through your motivation to continue exploring the Golden Way Reiki path, one way forward is for you to become attuned yourself.  

There was a time in the history of humankind when we naturally lived in harmony with the greater Universe. We understood our role within Creation and were at ease within it, knowing that our physical body existed to house our spirit. Each individual once lived a life of perfect balance between being human and spirit. We were harmonious caretakers of the earth. Over aeons of time, the majority of the human race has lost touch with this, allowing mind, ego, physicality and materialism to dominate.

Attunement brings us back into harmony, not just within ourselves, but with the greater Universe, and in this sense attunement is actually re- attunement. In this School, this begins when we have our Earth connection restored through Digital Foundation First Degree Attunement, ensuring stability.

One way to think of attunement is to think of a radio station trying to pick up the radio waves. Remember what happens when you adjust the dial? All of a sudden everything is clear and you can hear musical harmony.  

Reiki, like the radio waves, is always there; it’s just that our transmitters stop functioning as well as they might and the receptors can become a bit distorted. Adjust the aerial and then the dial and mend the internal wiring – and the reception (input) and quality of music (output) changes dramatically!

Once you have received a minimum of one cycle of three Treatments to begin to clear, release and heal in the emotional dimension, you may qualify for an Invitation to Honour Foundation First Degree, so that you can take the personal and self-healing action of giving Reiki to yourself.


Attunement offers the deepest healing. It also enables the individual to take the first real step towards taking self-responsibility, as the recipient of Attunement begins to give Reiki healing to themselves, and also to their family and friends - animals love Reiki too. Giving Reiki is an act of service.

Many people today have grown up with absent parenting and unhappiness stemming from childhood, inheriting family patterns which have been handed down through generations, and also emotional wounds, losses and hurts of daily life. Attunement at Foundation and Sacred Journey begins to address the issues involved and to heal them.


Honour Foundation First Degree:
Healing for the Receptive Feminine

PERSONAL HEALING:  Joy, Stability & Presence

Mothers are the feminine nurturing Foundation of our lives. Through her we connect to the Earth. Her stability determines our stability. Through healthy mothering we understand that joy, love and self-belief are our birthright. She is the bowl which contains and holds us. The quality of the mothering we have received is reflected in our ability to nurture others and to accept nourishment for ourselves. It affects our self-worth and the way we manifest in the world. These issues are addressed when an individual receives Attunement at Honour Foundation First Degree.


Honour Sacred Journey Second Degree:
Healing For The Expressive Masculine

PATHWAY TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE: Empowerment, Protection & Practice

Fathers represent the protective principle of Life. Without this, the world becomes a scary place, where individuals respond out of fear, anxiety levels are high and there is little trust in oneself or others. Some live with a sense of constantly being under attack, or feel mis-used by others, unable to say the self-protective "no". The masculine principle also dictates our ability to express ourselves in the world and to take proper action to create what will bring us happiness and fulfilment. Honour Sacred Journey Second Degree training confers, not only a professional qualification for those who wish to create a professional practice, but strong and healthy boundaries.