Honour New Life Reflexology Treatments

Honour New Life Reflexology, supporting and enhancing fertility, conception and pregnancy through deep relaxation and re-balancing. Preparing the body for birth, labour and beyond birth



 "I felt immediately at ease with Elizabeth, and the sessions I have had are my 'me' time, giving me an opportunity to be totally relaxed!  She certainly works her magic and has improved my sleep no end in the final run up to the birth.  Thank you, Elizabeth!"
 (KC- Witney)


Reflexology is the stimulation of reflexes on the feet and hands.  It is deeply nurturing and re-balancing, and can be used to great benefit in optimising emotional and physical wellbeing as preparation for pregnancy, to encourage and enhance fertility and healthy and happy pregnancy, labour and birth.

These treatments can:

* Optimise fertility and enhance wellbeing
* Ease the discomforts of pregnancy
* Prepare your body for labour and birth, actively encouraging natural onset of labour
* Are wonderfully nurturing and relaxing for mums in the early weeks and months following birth.

Reflexology can be offered to assist as stand alone treatments or can be interwoven with Reiki Treatments.  Treatments are best started either as a preparation for conception, or throughout pregnancy after the first three months, in order to prepare your body for labour and birth.  


"It was so lovely to meet you and guess what? I went into labour that same evening (after Reflexology) and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!  I did the whole thing naturally too so am over the moon!" 
(Naomi E - Cheltenham, May 2016)

Many pregnant mums-to-be frequently first arrive on my doorstep with their due date imminent, and it is always wonderful to work with them and witness them move into the relaxed and trusting place where they can let go and give birth naturally.  The more stressed, anxious and tense you are, the more difficult it is for your body to let go.  I provide a tranquil, reassuring and safe place with deeply relaxing and calming treatments to encourage you to bond with your baby and trust in the process of birthing and motherhood.

Whilst I cannot promise an induction free birth, most of my pregnant mums do go on to have a trouble free and easy birth with minimal interventions.  Sometimes, one Reflexology treatment is all it needs, sometimes three or four - it is ideal not to leave this to the last minute!

TREATMENT FEES: £60 per Treatment or £55 per Treatment if booked as a course of six.