Golden Energy Reiki Healing

Golden Ray and Angel Fire Reiki Energy Treatments for Re-Birth, Renewal and to Re-Vitalise, provided by Elizabeth Chanter Advanced Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher of Honour Reiki near Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire


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"Utterly amazed by the process and the outcome..."
(Diane T - Yorkshire, March 2016)

At our core, we are pure energy, of Fire, and Golden Energy Reiki resonates beautifully with us to clear, cleanse and re-vitalise, helping us to make the best choices and decisions for our happiness.

We begin by first discovering where you are right now so you can be assisted to find a new sense of direction, soul purpose and destiny.  With Golden Energy Reiki we then work directly with the energy and matters affecting the heart and solar energies, and this assists in repairing, restoring and re-energising the electrical system and firewalls of your Being. We begin to clear the entanglements affecting generational relationships, and/or karmic patterning from the past.  Sometimes too much fire can get into the water, and affect your emotional wellbeing.  Both of these Cycles have the ability to offer healing to the damage resulting from viral infections, toxicity and from depletions.  They encourage new heart and offer new hope to life.

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CYCLE OF REBIRTH (Angel Fire One Treatments)


When it's time for something completely new and positive, this is a Rebirthing Cycle which brings clarity, courage and increases energy - and it offers deep healing to your interpersonal/family pattern of relationships across the generations.  Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes!  A powerful aid in times of transition, to clear confusion and enable you to find your way forward. (3 x Treatments)

£100/£95 each


SOUL PURPOSE & DESTINY (Golden Ray One Treatments)

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Are you asking “What am I here for?”or “How can I fulfil my Purpose?”

Golden Ray One encourages you to explore these questions, assists to remove the blocks and obstacles from your past lives, and helps you to clarify your Soul Purpose and Destiny, so that new directions and pathways can to open up.

Golden Ray Reiki is a Transmutation Cycle, and it consists of five Reiki Treatments, working in the Fire Dimension.   It offers deep karmic healing for issues from your personal past which continue to affect you in this lifetime, especially taking into account present imbalances in your relationships with those around you.

This is a profoundly rebalancing Cycle of Reiki for the relationship between the expressive golden Masculine energies and receptive silver Feminine energies which exist within you, and the changing nature of the relationship between them.  As shifts and changes take place within you for your greater positive happiness, so the relationships you have with the world and those around you will also change.

Golden Ray Treatments are gentle and calming, yet profound and powerful.  They are all about taking you through transmutative change to new opportunities and possibilities in a positive and life-affirming manner.
(Treatments x 5)

£100/£95 each