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Honour Foundation 1st Degree Reiki Attunement & Training for Personal Healing in Your Hands (Empowerment, Stability, Joy) in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire UK


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Honour Foundation First Digital Degree Attunement and Training is dedicated to your Personal Healing.  These are Golden Way Reiki Attunements, which attune through all of your Subtle Ten Energy Centres down to and below your feet, thus beginning the repair to your personal Root Connection to the Earth and to The Ruby Ray.  They bring gentle, yet profound healing to your relationship to your Body (the house of your Indwelling Spirit), your ability to receive and be nurtured, and to the Feminine aspect of your Being.  You will become empowered as you learn how to give Reiki to yourself, drawing clean, stable, infinite, powerful healing energies from deep within the Earth. This encourages stability, presence and joy.  This is a lovely weekend to consider as part of your self-evolution, and is of especial benefit if you have issues around mothering, motherhood or your ability to receive, to conceive and to be nurtured.

Unfolding Pink Rose Bud

The Rose is one of the most ancient of flowers, associated with the Feminine, Venus, Receptivity, and the Mother.  The Magenta Rose in particular is associated with Mother Earth and Self-Nurture.  It contains a spiral, sacred symbol of spiritual evolution and personal development. Roses lift the heart, increasing our sense of joy in life.  The unfolding rose is at the heart of my Honour Reiki Shield and also the symbol of the my First Degree Foundation Reiki Attunement & Training Course.

There are four full Attunement ceremonies, two on each day. Teaching takes place through visualisation, meditation, images, music, spoken word and with reference to ancient wisdom.  Groups are small to enable individual attention, and each group forms with its own special synergy and themes. Confidentiality within the group is absolute.

Reiki 1st Degree Invitation

Honour Foundation First Degree provides new deep roots to support your life and broadens your connection to the nurturing principle of life, as well as to Spirit.  First Degree Foundation Attunement initiates a clearing and cleansing cycle which will renew your body and allow your emotional well-being to grow.

For those of you who have been attuned in another School, this provides more Advanced First Degree Attunement to the full Ten Energy Centres and offers you “Reiki with Roots”, enabling you to draw beautiful clean, stable, infinite and powerful Reiki from the Earth herself, taking you to a degree above, and attuning you to The Ruby Ray.

One of my previous successful Candidates for Foundation First said this:  

"Joy!  When I watch my children playing and hear their laughter, I see the pure joy they are experiencing in their lives... Elizabeth has reminded me... that I can find joy in my own life... I know that Reiki can change my life, and ensure that my children have a wonderful future." (Erika B - Oxon)

Erika is now one of my senior Journeymen and has her own professional Reiki Healing Practice.

Honour Foundation First Attunement is the beginning of true self-empowerment, and provides a stable platform to build a happy future upon.

NB: The minimum requirement for an invitation to Honour Foundation First Degree Attunement & Training Course is a Cycle of Elemental Reiki Healing or my Introductory Release & Replenish Reiki Healing Cycle (Emotional Healing).  Please enquire for further details.




Private Venue: Honour Being Reiki
Lower Dean, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 0LL
Fee: £330 (non-refundable deposit payable £165 to reserve your place)

Upon payment of the deposit, an Honour Preparation Manual will be sent to you. A 21 day period of clearing and cleansing begins prior to the Foundation weekend, which you can support gently by following the guidance in the Preparation Manual.  The more you prepare for the course, the more you will benefit!



The Honour Foundation First Degree Certificate is conferred upon the satisfactory completion of the Honour Foundation training weekend, together with the full Honour Foundation First Degree Manual. 

NB:  Please note this is a first step of deep Personal Healing.  

Licence to practice Professionally is only conferred after the full and successful completion of Honour Journey Second Degree Treatment Training.


There is a further 21 day period of cleansing and clearing following the Foundation Weekend, which you will be able to encourage by practicing Reiki for yourself on a daily basis.  Following the training weekend, you will be offered a supportive Post Foundation Cycle of three Reiki Treatments, which can be commenced anytime immediately after the Foundation weekend. It is also an opportune time to receive your Primary Soul Retrieval following Attunement to First or Second Degree.

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