The Benefits of Golden Way Reiki

Golden Way Shamanic Reiki practiced by Elizabeth Chanter, Reiki Master Practitioner at Honour Reiki for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.


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Release and clear the old - make way for a wonderful new start...
Discover peace of mind, renewed energy, emotional release, and ease for body and spirit.  

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At the heart of my practice lies the gentle, subtle, profound, creative, intelligent, healing power of Golden Way Reiki.

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Reiki is a gentle and loving, yet profound force for healing, usually administered through hands on touch, or simply in your aura or via Distant Healing. Reiki is the Universal Life Force which runs through everything, you and me, trees, flowers, crystals, the animal world, the oceans, the earth herself, the stars above …  The energy (ki or chi) flows through our meridians just as blood flows along our veins and arteries.  Some healing practices, such as Acupuncture or Reflexology, re-balance and harmonise the existing energy within us.  The practice of Reiki enables lovely, clean new chi/ki energy to be delivered to you and for profound restoration to take place.  

Reiki is a Japanese word. It is pronounced “ray key”, or even “Re-Key”. Reiki works by clearing and re-balancing an individual’s energy systems – physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual – and in that way promotes the body’s own natural ability to heal. It is non-invasive and always works to the recipient's highest good.


“How does one become a Butterfly”, she asked.

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a Caterpillar.”

(Hope for the Flowers)


"I am looking forward to my next course of Reiki and recommend Elizabeth wholeheartedly for her dedication to her work and her calming influence.  Thank you Elizabeth, for everything." (Diane R - Cheltenham)

It's very simple - the way we feel determines the way we think, and so unreleased emotional wounding ultimately leads to physical, emotional and even to mental illness. It can even leave us feeling drained of energy and disconnected from Spirit.

The gift of Golden Way Reiki firstly offers healing for the harms and wounds you may have suffered, brings calm to the mind and spirit, and cleanses you of toxicity, revitalising you. Then it may encourage you, if you choose to evolve and advance further, to receive the honouring ceremonies of Golden Way Reiki Attunements.

The commencement of this Sacred Journey towards Wellbeing, Harmony and Happiness, enables you firstly to Honour you Foundation First (Personal Healing) so you may offer Golden Way Reiki to yourself. If you wish, you can then be further Attuned and Trained to move into full Professional Practice (Honour Sacred Journey), so that you can offer this beautiful healing life-force energy to others.

As I work with Reiki to release and heal emotional experiences on behalf of my clients, I witness amazing things happen in their lives.  Physical pain recedes, anxiety diminishes, energy returns and joy in life.

When our experience changes for the better, so does our view of the world... and for for many this is the beginning of a journey of re-newal, recognition and re-connection to Spirit.

As part of this process, some of my clients re-discover their creativity, some change the direction of their lives and find more rewarding work or a new home, some resolve relationship issues, some come off medication, some conceive the baby they have always wanted or fulfil another dream.

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"I was empowered and encouraged by the inexplicable force that Elizabeth shared with me through Reiki. I felt secure and had total trust in her method of practice." (AG - Witney)

Golden Way Reiki is "beyond Reiki" as it is traditionally known.  This is not about “doing Reiki” but offers the opportunity to follow a Sacred Path towards true wellbeing and personal and spiritual evolution. When Reiki was introduced to North America, it lost its roots.  Golden Way Reiki is traditional Japanese Reiki which is profoundly true to its Dr Usui Lineage and has been restored to its shamanic roots, and so we sometimes call this “Reiki With Roots”.  

Golden Way Reiki has the ability to restore order within:  to cleanse and release you from the past, to heal old wounds, to remove blocks, to re-wire, to upgrade - even to re-programme and re-structure.  It can take you from simple healing through to self development, full incarnation and then safely to spiritual evolution at the highest of levels. In order to achieve this, the work is structured and progressive, whilst retaining the flexibility of meeting individual need at the appropriate time. To achieve this Cycles of Reiki Treatments, are offered each with their own specific purpose.  A Cycle consists of three, four, five or seven treatments.  You may be invited to Reiki Attunement and Training when appropriate for you.  

It is usual for those who come to work with me to begin with a single Cycle of Reiki Treatments. They often then to decide to explore further as part of their personal development and spiritual journey, or because they require the deeper healing offered by Attunement.  Every Cycle of Reiki or Attunement you pass through is an opportunity for you to be restored to wholeness and to increase your well-being.  Each Cycle offers healing to a different aspect of your being as and when the time is right for you.

Honour Foundation First Degree (Personal Healing In Your Hands)
Joy, Stability & Presence

Honour Sacred Journey Second Degree (Pathway To A Brighter Future)
Empowerment, Protection & Practice


Golden Way Reiki recognises the original complete system of The Ten Human Energy Centres. All Reiki Treatments and Attunements are conducted through The Ten Human Energy Centres, with special attention to the one below our feet in the Earth herself. As a consequence, Golden Way Reiki has the ability to ground, embody and boundary individuals who are willing to take responsibility for their choices in life.

As a Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, I have been highly attuned throughout my full Ten Human Energy Centres and beyond. The Reiki I deliver is therefore earthed, boundaried, powerful and lasting in effect. I am also fully trained in the creation and holding of safe Sacred Space.

(Further information about these Ten Human Energy Centres is taught as part of Honour Foundation Attunement & Training Course

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Reiki is believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago and that the original system of healing was lost. In the mid-1800s Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki. He carried out a 21-year-long study that involved learning about history’s great spiritual leaders, the study of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and ancient sounds and symbols linked to the human body and nervous system. He also learned the technique to use the life force energy to heal. Subsequently, Dr Usui went on, what today is sometimes known as a 21 day "vision quest", during which he passed through a metaphysical experience and became empowered to use the ancient system of healing. It is now widely used throughout the world, being passed down via the tradition of Mastery

Dr Mikao Usui

Madam Takata brought Reiki to North America immediately after the Second World War when all things oriental and especially Japanese where viewed with suspicion. Reiki was “re-branded” for the American market, and in the process was shorn of its fundamental shamanic nature.  Golden Way Reiki grows directly out of the ancient Lineage of Dr Mikao Usui, and it's Practitioners and Masters are firstly and foremostly attuned and trained in traditional Japanese Usui Reiki. 

Golden Way Shamanic Reiki comes to us via Nadine, of Isis Healing and has been re-created to its present form through the insightful, visionary and dedicated work of Paramount Grand Master Christopher Massey, who is my personal Beyond Reiki Master.  The true nature of this Lineage has been fundamentally restored – and is called The Shamanic Golden Reiki Way in recognition of this restoration.

This Way embraces ancient Earth wisdoms and systems of belief, and can be likened to a sturdy branch of a very ancient and deeply rooted tree. Honour Being Reiki is a beautiful new flower blossoming upon this branch growing from the same roots.

I am attuned and trained in both the traditional Japanese Lineages of The Usui School of Natural Healing and of The Shamanic Golden Way.  Reiki has passed to me via Dr Usui, Dr Hayashi, Madam Takata, Nadine Permutt and Christopher Massey.


In very simple terms, to follow a shamanic path is embark on an inner voyage of discovery - a quest of exploration, understanding, healing, self-development and love. This is a sacred path which can lead us back into harmony within ourselves and with the Universe. Golden Way Reiki, in its origins, is shamanic, the most ancient of earth wisdoms.  

A shaman is one who has been enabled to walk alongside you, having gone through their own challenging experiences, training and personal healing. A shaman is one who understands how to create safe and boundaried Sacred Space in which to carry out the healing work which they offer. A shaman is one who delivers healing, yet who understands that what is important is the recipient's ability to take that healing energy and to work with it in the spirit of self-responsibility.

As Above, so Below. As Within, so Without. Therein lies a way towards wholeness and true wellbeing.