About Elizabeth Chanter, Advanced Reiki Master Practitioner, Healer & Teacher

Elizabeth Chanter is a Golden Way Reiki Advanced Master Practitioner, Healer & Teacher who offers Reiki Treatments, Reiki Attunement 1st Degree & 2nd Degree, Crystal Healing Treatments, Shamanic Reiki Treatments.  She has a special interest in family wellbeing and in facilitating conception, pregnancy, labour, birth & beyond.


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"What I’ve found so brilliant about Elizabeth is her warm, calming manner.  She has been an amazing support to me through some tricky times and on several occasions has known exactly the right thing to say to make a world of difference to how I’ve been feeling - I can highly recommend her.”
(Rachel C - Ontario)

Elizabeth Chanter Reiki Master


My name is Elizabeth Chanter.

I love the work that I do to help others find healing, greater happiness and more rewarding lives.

I offer an inclusive approach to family wellbeing with Honour Being Reiki Treatments and Attunement, paying attention to the underlying emotional issues.  I have a special interest in working with and supporting couples who are experiencing relationship issues and fertility challenges, helping them to move forward in the best way for them.

When I began my own Reiki Journey, my life began to change for the better in many ways, and my life continues to grow and evolve as I walk what is sometimes called The Way of Beauty. I received so much benefit, I decided to train in Golden Way Reiki so that I could offer this beautiful healing energy to others.

I have been involved with working in the alternative and complementary world of medicine since 1997, beginning my own journey by qualifying in Classical Homeopathy.  In 2006 I qualified in Reflexology as it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and then trained in Reproflexology with Barbara Scott of Seren Fertility.

However, I was always left searching for a deeper and more profound way of healing both for myself and others. In 2011, I had the honour to begin my personal healing and training with my Beyond Reiki Paramount Grand Master, and I began to understand what it truly means to transform and evolve. I continue under his guidance and his teaching to increasingly advanced degrees of attunement and training in Crystal Reiki Healing, Golden Energy and Shamanic Reiki so that I can bring health, happiness and empowerment to others.

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I do not simply "do Reiki”.

Instead I offer you the opportunity to walk The Shamanic Golden Reiki Way alongside me. Working with Shamanic Golden Way Reiki, Crystal Reiki Healing, and New Life Reiki, I am able to offer healing for all aspects of your Being, from Above to Below to Within, and encompassing states of mind, energy, emotion and body.

Whether you come to me for a single Treatment of Golden Way Reiki, or visit for occasional support, or decide to walk with me for many years, our time together is always dedicated to revealing the beauty of your Inner Being and to bringing forth the gifts that lie inside you, perhaps unrealised all your life.

I aim to help you to resolve issues and shift generational patterns, enabling you to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, and to evolve and grow into the person you were always meant to be.

I offer an unrushed and tranquil consultation, prior to each Treatment, and the way forward is structured and progressive, yet flexible according to your need. All treatments and developmental training are created to take into account your unique individuality and need.

The achievement of true wellbeing, happiness and harmony involves dedication, patience, courage and a willingness to make an investment. I invest much seen and unseen time and energy in the work that I do for each of my clients. However, it’s a partnership. It’s very simple: the more you are dedicated to doing the work, the greater the returns you will see in your life. 

I love the work I do, and witnessing the way the people I work with resolve issues in their lives and blossom and bloom, each in their own very individual way.

I believe our whole life is a journey - a journey during which many things happen to us - some are wonderful and amazing, and others create challenges and difficult times. I view these challenges as opportunities to grow, to evolve - however, it is easier when we have the right people alongside us to assist us on our journey. As I walk alongside and work with my clients, we take many different kinds of journeys. As we work together, I witness people begin to understand and re-discover the deeper meaning of what to is to become truly well. As part of this transformation, gifts and potential are often revealed within them, and dreams are realised, sometimes more than they could possibly have imagined…

I believe in the healing power of love and hope, and of touch, listening and sharing.
I believe in the power of transformation and in empowering others.

I make no promises. I hold no magic wand or pill. What I offer to
you is an invitation to begin a journey of a different and hope-filled kind.

If you would like me to be your companion, and to receive
healing, compassion and reassurance in sacred space,
then please just get in touch.

There might even be some laughter along the way.

If you don't try it, you will never know...


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I am trained in traditional Japanese Reiki in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing and am also attuned to The Golden Frequencies, The Crystal Frequencies, and to the Ruby, the Amethyst and the Light Frequencies.  In addition, I am Shamanically trained.  All of my Reiki training has been carried out at The Beyond School of Shamanic Reiki, and I continue in ongoing and Advanced Training to the highest levels guided by my personal Shamanic Beyond Reiki Paramount Grand Master, Christopher Massey.

I am fully qualified to attune and train others to Golden Way Reiki Second Degree Professional Practice, and I offer many specifically tailored Reiki Cycles of Treatments to bring physical ease, release emotionally, improve immunity and energy, encourage calm and ease of mind, and enable spiritual evolution.  The training I have undergone ensures that the work I do is profoundly re-balancing, safe and restorative.

Beyond Reiki & Shamanic Training:
- Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner
- Pathshaper II (Shield Healer and Soul Retrieval)
- Pathshaper I (Elemental Re-Alignment Healing)
- Pathfinder
- Journeyman Second Degree
- Foundation First Degree

Crystal Reiki Healing:
- New Crystal Gem Healing One (Fifth Stone Degree)
- New Crystal Path (Third Stone Degree)
- New Crystal Journey (Second Stone Degree)
- New Crystal Foundation (First Stone Degree)

Golden Energy Reiki:
- Golden Ray Two
- Golden Ray One (Soul Purpose & Destiny - Karmic Healing and Restoration)
- Angel Fire Two (Life Path Transmutation)
- Angel Fire One  (Re-Birth - Deep Family Healing)
- Runic Ray II
- Runic Ray I


Although not currently offering Reflexology or Homeopathy, I am experienced and fully qualified in both. I trained at The School of Homeopathy in Devon under Misha Norland and qualified in 2004, subsequently continuing in ongoing and advanced studies in Classical Homeopathy.  I offer Homeopathy in my practice, only if a remedy becomes clearly indicated for emotional support, as it is my personal experience that Golden Way Reiki offers much deeper and more reliable healing.  Sometimes, a client has received multiple and unhelpful doses of a variety or remedies which has only confused their vital force.  Reiki clears this away, so that a true picture of the remedy state emerges. My extensive homeopathic training facilitates my ability to listen actively and mindfully when in consultation with my clients.   My qualification is Dip Hom. I trained originally at The Oxford School of Reflexology in 2006 in Reflexology with an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and subsequently with Barbara Scott in Reproflexology of Seren Natural Fertility


I am a member of The Complementary Therapists Association, and have full Professional Indemnity Insurance for everything I practice.